Internal Actions

⚫ Urn suggestions

Urn suggestions is a channel of communication between employees and the management. Situated in a circulation place in the company, is for complaints, compliments or ideas that may help the routine in the workplace. This can be done anonymously or by an identified manner and is answered by a memo on the wall of information.

⚫ Library

The library of the company came from partnership with the Social Service of Industry (SESI). The objective is to make easier the access to books in their own work environment. There are 20 Haas’ and 50 Sesi’s books avaliable, which are changed every three months.


Internal Accident Prevention Week (SIPAT) occurs at Haas Madeiras in December. Lectures on several topics, with invited professionals are organized. On the last day, a festive closing occurs with cultural performances. The internal mobilization is an initiative of the workers themselves .

⚫ Disposal of batteries and remedies

Haas offers urns for disposal of batteries and expired medications. The batteries sent to registered companies to make the colecting and the remedies for the Department of Health.

⚫ Apprentices SENAI

Haas encourages qualification and is intended to provide career opportunity for young learners. Thus, the company selects teenagers from 14 to 17 years, enrolled in school, to attend a technical training at SENAI on the opposite shift. The project began in 2010.

⚫ School Kit

Every year, Haas provides school supplies for employees and dependents studying. It is an incentive for all to continue specializing and always in search of new knowledge.

⚫ Sesi Health Assessment

Every two years the company employees undergo a complete health assessment, which involves everything from lifestyle to data such as weight, height and blood pressure. Based on the information, the person receives a guidance according to hisher profile. Specific cases are followed by professionals.