⚫ Reforestation Project

In 2006, Haas developed a pilot project which encouraged rural families located in small farms to diversify crops on their properties. The project aimed to propose crop diversification with the insertion of Eucalyptus. This change in culture contributes to the higher income of the property, better scaling of land, protection for the soil with the merge of cultures, security and greater autonomy for producing families.

The Project also had a social context. The rural exodus, especially in small family farms is cause for concern. The deployment of profitable, clean and safe crops as the Eucalyptus is essential to reduce this fact.

In total, 48 small farmers were directly benefited by the project. 48 families who had the opportunity to expand their income and serve as an example for other farming families.

⚫ Cultural Sponsorship

Through PrĂ³-cultura/RS program, Haas sponsors the group of German folk dances Die Schwalben.

Founded in 1984, the group aims to rescue, recover and forward German culture, predominant colonization in VenĂ¢ncio Aires.
Die Schwalben voluntarily participates in many community and folkloric events in different cities and states.

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⚫ Supporting the local community

Involved with the community in which it operates, Haas always seeks to stimulate the development of Linha Brasil.

The company encourages the sport through sponsorship of local soccer team, Matriz from Linha Brasil, participating in championships within the country part of the city.

In addition, Haas seeks to actively participate in social mobilizations. An example is the engagement to enable the implementation of a health clinic in Linha Brasil, which will represent better quality of life and greater safety for residents, many of them employees of the company.